My name is Olivier Faure (no, not that one), also known as PoignardAzur and various other pseudonyms. I think this is my 4th attempt at making a blog, the pivotal difference being that I have things to say this time.

I’m a professional developer who dabbles in a bit of everything, although these days I’ve evolved from a C++ enthusiast into a Rust enthusiast. My focus is mostly on desktop apps, though I’ve done some frontend and backend work as well.

My real passion, though, lies in abstractions, and bridging the gaps between developer and product. I think about UI, affordances, game design, devtools, programming languages, and how to design all of the above better.

I’m currently self-employed; on my spare time I work on the Masonry library, write proposals for the Rust language, and contribute to various open-source projects.

Hire me

Have you seen something you like on this site? Do you have a project you’d like to work on together? I’m available for hire as a freelance developer at olivier.cj.faure@gmail.com.

I’m a generalist, but I have a particular interest in UI/UX and tooling improvements. The missions I can do for you include:

  • Short-term web development I can provide you an off-the-shelf website, or fix a problem on your existing website. I have a preference for low-tech solutions, and I can provide you with a lightweight site with low maintenance, strong accessibility metrics and good technical SEO.
  • Rust development I have extensive knowledge of the Rust ecosystem thanks to my work on Druid, Panoramix, Venial and Masonry. I kickstart a Rust project or join an existing team, create a codebase from scratch or help migrate an existing codebase.
  • WebAssembly development I have two professional experiences in WebAssembly and have been following the space since its inception. I can help you migrate your codebase from C to wasm and address the DX challenges that ensue.
  • Embedded development I’m interested in microcontroller and FPGA development.

My preferred technology is Rust, but I have extensive experience in C, C++, Node.js and Python; of course, given time I can adapt to any tech stack you are using.

I can integrate within one of your teams or work on my own on an objective we agree on. I’m available for in-person work in the Paris area and for remote work anywhere. My timezone is GMT+1 (Paris).

You can also consult my LinkedIn profile for more information.