My name is Olivier Faure (no, not that one), also known as PoignardAzur and various other pseudonyms. I think this is my 4th attempt at making a blog, the pivotal difference being that I have things to say this time.

I’m a professional developer who dabbles in a bit of everything, although these days I’ve evolved from a C++ enthusiast into a Rust enthusiast. My focus is mostly on desktop apps, though I’ve done some frontend and backend work as well.

My real passion, though, lies in abstractions, and bridging the gaps between developer and product. I think about UI, affordances, game design, devtools, programming languages, and how to design all of the above better.

I’m currently self-employed; on my spare time I work on the Panoramix library, write proposals for the Rust language, and make small contributions to the compiler.